So today I had an errand to run. I completed the errand and returned to my car, which I have owned for five and a half years and had just driven two hours earlier. I climbed into the car and looked down. To my complete astonishment, I suddenly had no idea which pedal was the clutch.

Now, I have been driving stick shifts almost exclusively for over twelve years. Most of you know that I drive automatics only under duress and that an automatic transmission is a dealbreaker for me.


I sat there, bewildered, staring at the pedals and trying to figure out which one to push, and decided after about a minute that it must be the one on the right. The action felt somewhat awkward, but I stepped on the pedal and turned the key anyway. Not a sound from Simon Bennett.

Still bewildered, I looked down at the pedals again, and started pushing different pedals with different feet. After a few seconds, I chanced to push the left pedal with my left foot. At that point muscle memory took over, and I was able to drive home.

Am going to bed now and hoping that whoever stole my brains last night puts them back in while I sleep tonight.

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