That’s the sound of my head hitting my desk. Again.

You see, for the second time in as many months, I have left a pot on the stove until all the water boiled out and the pot was ruined. This time, the pot in question even caught fire. I was reminded of my would-be lunch when the smoke alarm commenced its piercing cries.

I actually remember thinking today as I turned on the stove that I hate having one of those “you-can-tell-she’s-been-cooking-when-you-hear-the-smoke-alarm” reputations, but had to acknowledge, even then, that it’s a reputation well deserved. I shouldn’t be allowed to leave the kitchen when something is cooking. Or enter it in the first place.

Anyone want to become my personal chef?

One thought on “Thunk.

  1. i’ll do it for room and board for me and family, plus an allowance for living expenses.

    what do you say?

    it’s actually be a good deal, cause nat is a great cook too.

    you’d probably want to find a bigger place tho

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