Vanity fair


Dr. Michael Salzhauer, an apparently philanthropic plastic surgeon, has written My Beautiful Mommy, a children’s book meant to reassure little tykes whose mommies are going in for a few improvements. He’s worried about the damage that will be done to the kids’ psyches when they see their mommies wearing bandages for a few days.

He does not seem quite as concerned about the permanent damage that will be done to little boys and girls who see their own mothers succumbing not only to the popular idea of what “pretty” is but also implying that conforming to this impossible and disgusting idea is the only way to be happy. Boys and girls learn right from the beginning that being pretty is the most important thing in the universe; boys learn to reject girls who don’t look a particular way; girls learn that their only value is based on whether they’re thin enough and pretty enough for boys to like. The girls also learn to mistrust their own opinions; the little girl who thinks her mother is “already the prettiest Mommy in the whole wide world!” must be wrong, or her mother wouldn’t need to become “not just different, my dear – prettier!”

What gets me is not just that this book was written. It has also been PUBLISHED. That means that more than one person in the world thinks that this book is a good idea.

I don’t know what else to say.

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