As it turns out

So I’ve said for years that if I ever, for whatever strange reason, had my own company, I would NOT work for the week between Christmas and the New Year – nor would I ask any of my employees to do so. That week is pretty much a wash for most companies; lots of folks are still on vacation, and the ones who are around don’t really feel like working (partially because of celebratory recuperation and/or anticipation).

So what was my wondering surprise when this year I found myself swamped – SWAMPED, I tell you – with work during that week. With most top-tier business schools setting round 2 application deadlines at the beginning of January, plus a 50-page doctoral thesis on neuroblastoma, I was working harder that week than I had in a long, long time. However, rather than bemoaning my fate, I loved every second of it. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, and my clients were all nice and proactive, so we got everything done with time to spare…

Which turned out to be quite fortunate, as my concentration from January 5 on was pretty much destroyed…


Behold the Destructor!

Destructor of Concentration
The short version: Cute boy I had a crush on felt prompted to ask me out. Followed prompting. Terrific date. Asked me out again for the following Friday. Second date was even better. Third, fourth, and fifth were Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Lots of interesting divine intervention-type phenomena. (Example: When unexpectedly asked to give Roommate Prayer, turned in a stunning unrehearsed Park Avenue-style performance, complete with whispered asides, prompting vocalized amazement from both C-t-P and now-girlfriend (“Did you hear that?!”/”He prays like we do!”). Question “Are you going to kiss me or what?” finally answered, non-verbally, in the affirmative on Thursday, January 21. Much fun over the 32 days since then.
(This post due in part to my grandmother, who left me a message yesterday demanding pictures. You don’t cross Grandma.)

8 thoughts on “As it turns out

  1. Wow! What a great post. Glad to hear that things are going well for you! We wish you the best.

  2. what you really should have been saying all these years is that if you ever owned you own company, you would NOT work if a cute boy starts asking you out.

    And i hope your grandma isn’t as picky as i am. cause if I demanded pictures, and only got a picture, i’d still feel crossed 🙂

  3. actually, I believe grandma wanted more than one picture, and a WHOLE LOT more information…as did the mama (don’t make me come over there and ask you about it!)

  4. Congrats on getting work, and on all your other successes 🙂 I spent a lot of January doing grad school applications for in-laws, and learned all sorts of wonderful things about them in the process.

    I also love Richard Peck’s books. Have you read “Ghosts I Have Been” (one of my favorite books ever) or “The Ghost Belonged to me”? Highly recommend both.

  5. I really should read your blog more often. Looks like things are absolutely amazing. 🙂

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