The office

Just thought I’d post a picture of the inhuman conditions I’m forced to work in this afternoon.











In other news, today is Simon Bennett’s birthday*! It’s been four years of delight and loud music and speed and twisty roads and journeys to Arkansas and Vermont and DC and Rhode Island and New Hampshire. I still love him as much as ever and only sometimes wish he had a sixth gear (which became standard on all MINI Coopers in 2007).










Happy four, and many more…

*I suppose that’s technically inaccurate since he was built before I bought him, so maybe I should just say that today is the anniversary of his adoption, but that sounds just a wee bit stilted.

2 thoughts on “The office

  1. Nah…it’s his official B-day. We all bake in the womb for 9 mo. prior to being born anyway – same dif.
    Happy birthday Simon!

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