So apparently I’m going to get a nice tax rebate sometime very soon – with the idea that I will immediately go out and boost the economy by spending it. At least the President is admitting that the money should go toward necessities like food and gas, instead of just indicating (as he has in the past) that the first thing any good red-blooded American does with a little spare cash is blow it on, you know, whatever. It seems to me that lots of folks doing just that and living beyond their means is part of what got us into this mess in the first place. But I think I’m supposed to be so distracted by a few hundred dollars that I’ll forget about that, as well as about some of the actions of this administration (the Economist has called the Bush years, and I quote, “catastrophic“), and feel undying gratitude to George Dubya for my, like, totally awesome new skirt with matching handbag.

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