So this site was broken for a couple of days (thanks to VM[?]D for the repairs!) and I couldn’t post anything, which was unfortunate, since my last entry was pretty negative and I don’t like having negative posts at the top of my journal for long. I’ve found that the more vehement I am, the less reasonable I am, and I suspect that when I write out of anger I generally betray more ignorance than understanding of whatever it is I’m ranting about. Which is not to say that I would retract Friday’s post; the things I wrote about still have me pretty bugged. But for sanity’s sake it’s important for me to keep things positive, á la Jeffrey R. Holland’s April 2007 General Conference address.

And there’s plenty to be positive about. A delightful friend visited this weekend; my shopping genius roommate J_H proved once again that her mad skillz extend far beyond the retail world (three words: banana Oreo milkshakes); I’ve been able to take more steps toward establishing a college application essay editing business thanks to a few good friends (lacking a business acumen myself I’ve had no idea where to begin); yet another wonderful friend helped me feel better yesterday when I was sad; today is a perfect soup-and-hot-chocolate day; the trees are blossoming; I live in the era of Allegra and other effective allergy medications (I shudder to think of my miserable, itching, sneezing, swollen-eyed fate had my days been in an earlier time). Oh, and there’s the whole gospel thing, which has made me feel better for the past few months than I’ve felt in the past two decades. I’m really grateful to God for helping me overcome obstacles I formerly thought completely insurmountable, and in so doing helping me develop the faith that I will be able to overcome even the obstacles that still feel overwhelming sometimes.

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