The purpose of romantic comedies (or, Meg Ryan is my anti-heroine)

Romantic comedies exist for a reason.

No, not just to torture anyone with a Y chromosome. Guess again.

And no, not to serve as coasters, because then one would have to actually buy a copy of the movie.

Their purpose: To serve as valuable illustrations of what not to do in relationships.

I’ve watched many a romantic comedy in my day, and some of them I’ve really enjoyed. But in almost all of them, characters in romantic relationships do things that appear completely bizarre. One smack’s one’s head and thinks, Why is that person engaging in such counterproductive and counterintuitive behavior?

But then one finds oneself in a similar situation, and suddenly these completely bizarre activities seem not counterintuitive, but even, like, rational.  Yeah, I could totally do that. And it would TOTALLY help. Only by concentrating furiously on one’s experiences watching romantic comedies can one restrain oneself from shooting oneself in the foot (or head).

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but: Thank goodness for chick flicks.

(Now back to The Innovator’s Dilemma so I can feel wicked smaht again… Vanityvanityvanity)

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