The following are sample Facebook statuses (stati?) that I could have posted yesterday and today:

Sylvia wishes the technology support specialist would speak directly into his headset so that he would be at least audible if not intelligible.

Sylvia suspects that companies open technology support call centers overseas and select applicants based on thickness of accent and lack of listening skills so that customers will give up in blinding, seething, blood-curdling frustration before the company actually has to help them.

Sylvia will refrain from describing how she feels about a particular spyware removal application.

Sylvia has just spent eight hours taking two steps backward.

Sylvia would love to spend the next two days far, far, far away from anything that looks like any sort of electronic device.

2 thoughts on “Status

  1. To you last comment:

    Stepping away from the computer makes all the difference some times. 🙂

  2. Sylvia, I miss you! I come visit every day and I miss your posts. Wow, that’s a little stalkerish. I mean, I get bored and in an attempt to get away from all the things I SHOULD be doing, I come see if you have anything new up, and I’m sad when you don’t, and then I have to go fold laundry or clean something.

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