Fishies, meet Fun. Fun, meet Fishies.

So I was re-introduced to the concept of fun last weekend – something that myISFJ personality tends to neglect. It all started on Friday night, when I freed Natalie Cole and Ella & Louis and the Squirrel Nut Zippers from the confines of the MP3 player, and continued through a campout that I had been somewhat dreading but genuinely enjoyed.  I spent a lot of time with a close friend and was relieved beyond measure that the overwhelming feelings I had for him for several years have finally passed into platonic affection. I got to discuss travel and cultural differences and trot out a few Finnish phrases. I talked with old friends – several of whom I wasn’t expecting to see – and made some new ones. I wobbled across slacklines (with the aid of ropes) for the Ward Olympics and even laughed about the sunk canoe once I decided to stop being a stick in the mud. A musical performance Saturday night pretty much couldn’t have gone better. I went on my first-ever late-night canoe ride through slowly rising mist on a moonlit lake and saw reflections of stars in the water. We had testimony meeting in an amphitheater facing the lake on a gorgeous Sunday morning. I kissed a tree frog (you never know).

Spending over 36 hours just enjoying other people and beautiful outdoor surroundings, with no obligations, without feeling pressed for time, without feeling that I should be conscientiously working toward self- or world-improvement, has left me both feeling much, much lighter and with a new understanding: That doing things just for fun is just as important as any other task on my to-do list, not only because then I’m much more relaxed and able to accomplish the things on my list (and to prioritize better), but also because then I actually have joy to share with others.

Huh. Seems like there’s a scripture about that somewhere…

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