Road hazards


Q. What problems are common with 2007 MINI Coopers?

A. speeding tickets

(hee hee)

I’ve been lucky… But then, I’m also a pretty boring driver these days. I decided to slow down before my luck ran out.

Which almost happened on Wednesday. I took my fantastic Finnish friend TTJ to his driving test so he could get an American license. Simple, yes? Should have taken about 30 minutes.

When we got to the testing site, I flipped a quick U-turn (technically called “banging a U-ey” here)…

Right in front of the test administrators.

Who asked me what my problem was.

(Turns out the U-turn was highly illegal; I had thought they were yelling at me because it originally looked like I was headed the wrong way down a one-way street.)

Then they looked at TTJ, who was standing close by, and asked if we were together.

Oh how I wished I could lie.

Then the test administrator pointed out that one of my brake lights was out, and I had to get that fixed immediately. (Yessir.)

When TTJ finally got to take the test, I remained as silent as possible. I didn’t think that the test administrator would appreciate my ruminations that mid-street U-turns are safer than intersection U-turns (since traffic is only coming from two directions instead of four), and I didn’t want to give him an excuse to fail TTJ, who then might not bring me salmiakki the next time he visits Finland.

When the test was over, seventy-five minutes after TTJ and I arrived at the testing site, the administrator gave me a very stern warning that next time I went to that neighborhood, I better not make any illegal U-turns. I WILL BE FINED.

So I’ll be trying to replenish my level of good driving karma for a while. Just in case.

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