My mechanic is awesomer than your mechanic

I don’t think it’s very often that a person of the female persuasion can say she loves – nay, adores – her car mechanic. I fear that most people of the female persuasion have sucky mechanics, who sell them parts and services they don’t need at prices they can’t afford.

I’m unnaturally lucky in this regard. My mechanic rocks. And I say this after handing over a pretty huge chunk o’change* this afternoon. Had I taken Simon Bennett to a MINI dealership, the chunk o’change would have been at least 25% larger, and I wouldn’t have had a great time talking to the nicest guy in the world**.

Eddie Sheingold. Meineke at 11 Faneuil Street in Brighton. Go see him.

*Battery (after nearly 7 years ’twas deader than dead), alternator, 60,000-mile service, winterizing. Had done none of the regular recommended maintenance apart from oil changes in the almost 7 years I’ve owned the car. It showed. Henceforth I shall be a big girl and maintain him.

**He may be the second nicest guy in the world, actually, after my landlord when I last lived in Cambridge (also named Eddie, coincidentally). Am now wondering how I managed to score an awesome landlord AND an awesome mechanic when good specimens of both are so rare. Will  not wonder too hard lest I jinx something.

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