Awesome reads

Some interesting stuff I’ve been reading lately:

Think Harder – Starts with an awesome parable about camels and links to a TED talk (and we all know how rad those are).

Lowering Medical Costs by Providing Better Care – I heard this while I was driving and sat in my car until it was over. The top 5% highest costing patients generate 60% of health care costs. Rather than doing damage control after a situation has become a crisis, a doctor in Camden, NJ is working on prevention via guided lifestyle changes. Turns out it costs less to hire someone to check in with a patient once a day or week (to make sure the patient is taking proper medications, etc.) than it does to allow that patient to become so ill that the patient ends up in the ICU for a month at a time. Who knew?

The Chewy: Quite possibly the best chocolate-chip cookies I have ever eaten. Enjoy responsibly.

Aaaaand: three new weblogs that are part of the new LDS digital missionary effort (two friends of mine are leading the initiative here in Cambridge):

Real-Life Answers

Mormon Perspectives

Next-Door Mormon

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